What I’m doing Now

Working on new ideas

I'm in the early stages of exploring some ideas that I really want to see exist in the world. If you're an engineer, fellow designer, or product person jonesing to make new stuff, hit me up! Let’s make cool stuff together.

Recently completed

Design Lead, Zippi

I led a S19 YCombinator company through a product pivot. We shut down one business, ideated about what to do next, ran experiments, and gathered conviction that that was the right path. We ended with a successful pilot and now the team is growing that product.

What I’ve done

Product Designer, Intercom

I owned the signup flow for Intercom. I led its redesign and designed experiments to optimize performance.

Design Lead, Intel + DXLabs

I led the redesign of the Intel Insight Platform, an enterprise geovisual data analysis tool. One of many applications: farmers could upload data from drone flights and use this platform to see where in their fields crop yields were high and low.

Creator, Go Journal

Passion project alert! I made a guided journal for helping people set goals, reflect on their progress, and cultivate gratitude every day.

Traveler, Around the world

I took a year off to see the world. It changed my life. If you’re considering your own trip—do it. Just do it. It’s hard, but do it.

PM + Design, Mint @ Intuit

I led a team that created a new iOS app that helps users save for short term goals. This was an internal startup team at Intuit.

Growth, Spark Rent @ Intuit

I owned growth for a team making it easier to pay your rent. This was an internal startup team at Intuit.

Design, Weave @ Intuit

I led the relaunch of an iOS todo app for small business owners that received 4.5 stars and was featured on the front page of the iOS App Store. This was an internal startup team at Intuit.

PM, Intuit Pay @ Intuit

I led the Android launch of a mobile payments system in the UK. This was an internal startup team at Intuit.